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There's just something about a super cool + hot mama that makes my heart just sing. This dreamy sunset maternity session with Sabrina was an absolute fucking dream. The sunset, the boudoir outfit... HER.. i c o n i c. Seriously will never get over this session or this cool mama⚡⚡

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Okay, let's talk about this magical freaking session with Sophia. We rescheduled about 4 times because of Florida's bipolar weather. You seriously just never know in Florida, one moment it's super sunny and the next it's pouring down. The day of our session, it poured and even flooded in my neighborhood. We literally just said LET'S DO THIS. On the way to the beach, it continued to drizzle then completely stopped. When I tell you that sunset was pure magic. I hadn't seen a golden hour or sunset this dreamy in weeks. I'll let these pics & gorgeous mommy speak for themselves. Alwaysssss a fun time working with Sophia, unbelievably beautiful.

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